Hi to all friends/customers/detailing & photography enthusiast, thanks for dropping by my blog. I hoped you enjoy reading my various rumblings over here and please do drop your comments to let me know if I could further improve on my current postings!

I operates AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer, a specialist vehicle detailing service provider based in Singapore. We specialises in full range of paintwork correction, interior leather care, leather repairs, paintwork protection films, showcars preparation and fleet management services. Our German-trained technician will be able to advice you on the full range of leathercare, maintenance and leather repair services in order to keep your interior in a prestine condition.

Vehicle detailing is a passion of mine for over 20 years now but it was not until 4 years ago that I began to take it up seriously. Prior to this, I was a Regional Director for a major network system integrator and I also serve as a Director of Finance for a major harddisk manufacturing company. Needless to say my personal free time are rather limited and I used to send my cars to be detailed & maintained by some of those “professional detailers” and was consistently underwhelmed by their work. I found that their stuff are either unknowledgeable, under-trained or just plainly without a clue when face with questions on how to solve a particular paintwork issues and all these transform into the poor quality of work. I frequently have to return home and clean up their “work”!

So that leads me to set up AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer in 2006. My aim is to provide a level of services that are unparellel for car enthusiast as well as giving proper advice to clients on how to maintain their vehicles as vehicle ownership are usually the 2nd biggest investment for most owners after their home ownership. To be able to maintain their vehicles in tip-top condition is often considered an investment as well as maintaining one’s lifestyle.

I hoped that by posting within this blog I can share some of my passions with fellow enthusiasts and also to share the fun and rewards of car detailing. Your constructive comments are welcome and I thank you for dropping by. Please come back often…


10 responses to “About

  1. Hi, where is your shop and what are your charges for external detailing? I am interested in re-doing my black Legacy GT. Thanks

  2. absolutegloss

    Hi David, sorry for the late reply been busy for the past weeks and haven’t the time to update the blog nor answer any questions 😦 …do give me a buzz at 81809833 ya? have quite a few black LGT photos that I can show you

  3. At last found your blog……
    Miss the days that my car is like it just came out from a car show…..
    Heard that your new workshop is up,is it?

  4. Top notch cars plus detailing works, 2 thumbs up! Cheers!

  5. Ling Tok Kiat

    Can pm me the location and price for Audi A6?

  6. The detailing work looks amazing for all the cars you have worked on… Congrats on doing what you enjoy!

    • @Brian thanks for your +ve comments & encouragement..yes we enjoyed our work massively and constantly challenging ourselves to further improve on our work (one can never stop learning!). We are expecting to launch a couple of new coating product imminently after putting it through a 12 months intensive test..look out for it as they are just about the best products you can get in the market…

  7. hi! came across your blog and i must say i couldn’t resist reading the whole of it with all the pictures of those shiny supercars! they look amazing after all your great work. just wanted to seek your advice on something, i heard about paint protection films that can protect against stone chips that hit onto the car bonnet, just wondering where can i get it installed in singapore? seems like it’s not a very popular product here, not sure why! have you tried these PPF before? if you have, any brands i should look out for and what’s the price roughly like? really hope to hear a reply from you! thanks so much. 🙂

    • @Joan thank you for taking the time to look through some of our work 😉

      Re: PPF yes it does protect (to an extent) from stone chips but there are reasons why it is not very popular to many people…
      1. the film does look somewhat “ugly” on your shiny “just polished” car
      2. if you owned a light coloured car, beware that PPF “WILL” turn yellow-ish after a few months, no matter what the seller will claim. The above has nothing to do with which brand of film you chose but rather a combination of the film’s material (urethane) and our humid weather.
      3. Cost (unless you planned to leave it on long-term)
      4. Workmanship…having seen a demo from one of the film mfg’s work in UK, I can say that work I’ve seen locally ranges from average to poor on many of my clients car.
      So unless you planned to regularly track your car in a circuit or drive along NSHW quite a bit, you might want to consider. I know 3M Asia-Pac refuses to supply me the film as they say their film didn’t meet their internal approval (i.e turn yellow-ish within 3-6 months). HTH

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