Surface coating products…

I received quite a few enquiries from some of my clients and regular readers of my blog, referring to some of my entries below as to which vehicle protection coating that I do offer and/or will recommend to them…
(1) Meguiar’s M188 Deep Crystal Coating
(2) G’Zox Quartz Coat 7

Allow me to clarify…I received or are able to obtain quite a few brands of coating products every now and then and I ran some serious real world test on every one of these to assess their performance and suitability for adoption as one of my detailing arsenal. As many of you may know, there has been an upsurge of new coating products entering into the market over the past few months, many of them are passed off as the “real deal” of surface protection or are heavily marketed, usually without any merit or much substantiation. And trust me after testing a bunch of them, it is safe to say that not all surface coating products are created equal…NOT AT ALL!!!

Without going into all the details at this moment of time, please note that I WILL NOT be offering any of these (1) Meguiar’s M-188 (2) AQuartz (3) G’Zox Quartz 7 (4) cQuartz Ceramic Coating (5) gTechniq c1 as a service to my clients! As some of you may know, these are some of the coating products that I have previously tested in-house for a substantial period of time. (1) & (2) above are absolute lemon (despite what the seller initially claimed otherwise) while (3) & (4) do not meet our standard requirement or seller’s marketing claims. gTechniq c1 is the sole exception, but while being a decent coating product by itself, it ultimately falls short of my expectations and do not meet certain criteria that I have set out (sorry Rob…appreciate your support & hoped we could work something out in the future!)

This does not mean that you should not use or try them out (with the notable exception of M-188 & AQuartz which you should avoid at all cost) just that they will not be offered in-house as part of my services.

I hoped this clarify my present position…

This is the water beading protection one should expect 6~9 months after coating...

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  2. At this time have you tried Gtechniq EXOv2?

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