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Maintaining a matt paintwork…

At AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer, we pride ourselves in maintaining / restoring your car to a showroom condition by constantly improving and perfecting the art of paintwork polishing to a state of high gloss. So it is quite a change when we had several matt painted car lined up for detail over the past weeks.

This is a BMW E90 M3 in a special Frozen Grey Metallic, first introduced in a M6 Competition Edition. Having seen many badly executed after-market matt paintwork, I was surprised this colour looks great on a M3, and looks very special indeed!

Matt Paint Detailing by AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

This car was maintained by a ‘detailer’ with little or no knowledge of proper paintwork maintenance and he managed to use a combination of techniques and products that are unsuitable for matt paintwork/matt vinyl wrap/dry carbon fiber and this results in ugly patches all over the vehicle. Luckily no heavy damage was done and we are able to restore and correct the paintwork to an immaculate condition.

Patiently deep cleansed and protected to bring out a nice sheen to the matt paintwork…

Matt Paint Detailing by AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer


Matt Paint Detailing by AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

Nice water beading can also be had for matt paint…

Matt Paint Detailing by AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

Is your matt painted car protected, properly detailed and kept in immaculate condition? Call us if you have further enquiries…

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Introducing: G’Zox Quartz Coat 7

Just in…NEW G’Zox Quartz Coat!!!

After much anticipation, we finally managed to get on our hand some initial stock of G’Zox Quartz Coat 7, a fully tested (long-term test platform on JR, Japan Rail trains coaches) coating system that are especially suitable for the harsh and humid weather such as those found in Singapore.

The first 8 sets was hand delivered to me by no less than the President of G’Zox Japan when he stop by for a visit this week, and we shared his enthusiasm and excitement in making this excellent product available to Singapore market and also to make Singapore as one of the first market in the world to launch this product.

G'Zox Quartz Coat by AbsoluteGloss

Some benefit of G’Zox Quartz Coat 7:
excellent water sheeting capability (a benefit that will be especially useful for vehicles that are mostly parked out in the open)
superior oil and dirt repellency
very strong acid / alkaline / solvent resistance capability (per JIS test results shown below)
stringently tested to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) specification to withstand heat of >300°C
coating have a measurable thickness of 0.4um (micrometer or micron)
a coating hardness of 7H (that’s significantly harder than the already superb G’Zox Real Glass Coat!!!)
extremely abrasion & scratch resistant
18 months of shine and protection, GUARANTEED!!!

Originally developed for use in high-tech electronic industry as a semiconductor insulation film. The formulation has been redeveloped for usage in automobile & marine industry application, as well as for body protection on other painted metallic & plastic surface (mobile phones, laptop computers, anyone?).

Below are the various test results as conducted in accordance to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard 日本工業規格) test criteria…and not some unsubstantiated claims favoured by many manufacturers!

click to enlarge

For further queries & informations, please drop us an email or call us at the contact below…more information to follow soon!

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Lamborghini Levo Concept

We know that Lamborghini’s V12 flagship Murcielago is soon to be replace by Jota (?), but what design direction are they going to take to keep the bulls desireable, and perhaps a step ahead of Ferrari?

Here are some clue as to what the upcoming Jota might look like, in the shape of Lamborghini Levo Concept Design…

Heavily borrowing the design cue from the Reventon, this 700+bhp V12 is worth selling a bodyparts to own 🙂

The partial roof window will add significant kilos to the overall weight…

With Lamborghini trademark scissors door on all their V12, there will be significant carbon fiber and other exotic lightweight materials and possibly even a carbon fibre chassis structure and carbon MonoCell.

…or a Gallardo replacement, perhaps? The overall shape does seems a bit short for a V12 replacement and the absence of air inlet wings and the shape of rear pillar points towards a V10 design?

Anyhoo, with designs that will make a grown man weak and drool all over the floor, I for one can’t wait until the Concept Jota are officially announced…until then enjoy these pics! 🙂

A mirror-finish Bugatti Veyron

Now this will be a challenging detail if they ever need one…

This one resides at VW’s Autostadt pavilion in Wolfsburg, Germany. The mirror finish theme is the work of artist Olaf Nicolai (not a detailer, obviously 😉 )

Need gloss…???

Our team at AbsoluteGloss has been deligently perfecting the dark art of paintwork polishing for the past years 😉 …No BULLs, No BUTs…we deliver a deep wet gloss and a perfect finish to your paint surface each time, every time!

Some illustrations with black cars…

Lamborghini Murciélago LP670-4 SV

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Audi A4 MTM

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss


Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Maserati Quattroporte

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Audi R8

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Rolls-Royce Drophead Coupe

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Bentley Arnage

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Audi Q7

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

Porsche 997 C2S

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

If you would like to find out more about what we can do to enhance your car’s paintwork, please call us or better still drop by our garage for a free consultation at…

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Audi R4

Audi has unveil their all-new all-electric baby R4 supercar…

It will be a RWD, churn out 200bhp and weighs just 1350kg

Audi’s on a roll of late, so expect the R4 and it’s big brother R10 to be a strong addition to it’s impressive lineup. Sweet…

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