Signature Detail…Ferrari 458 Italia

This 6 months-old Ferrari 458 Italia has just returned from a 1,200km cross country drive with a couple of grueling track sessions in between. The owner wants it restored to a ‘no-effort-spared-better-than-new’ condition.
This after a 4-days Signature Detail by our team of expert detailers…paintwork are then protected by CrystalPro VX1 Glass Coat

But before that, all wheels are carefully removed to be detailed, then coated with CrystalPro Wheel Guard…

Wheel nuts as it is…

…then carefully hand-polished and restored to a “like new” shine!

Brake assembly, coilovers & wheel arches are carefully detailed to brand new condition…

Engine bay washed and detailed…

A total of more than 40 hours were spent just on preparing & fine-polishing the paintwork to achieve a swirl-free finish…




Showcar worthy finish…


AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer
t: (65)8180-9833 (Singapore)
t: (60)11-1221-8933 (Malaysia)

One response to “Signature Detail…Ferrari 458 Italia

  1. ferrariforlife

    Nice! 🙂

    How many times can you do these types of 40-hour detail jobs on the same car before you start risking going through the clear coat? It would seem to me, that after getting this type of detail work done, that the owner has to start taking better care of their car’s finish.

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