Meguiar’s M188 Deep Crystal Coating

Received these (Meguiar’s M188 Deep Crystal Coating) a few days back…I just took it our and apply it on a couple of panels. Can’t tell how good they are as yet as they usually take some 4~6 days to fully cured and shows their full gloss.

Will apply these coating on a couple of test cars next week. Details & test results to be update over a period of 6~9 months time frame as necessary.

Was advised to coat the vehicles at least twice a year, so I am not expecting great durability compared to some of the coating that I have used over the past 4~5 years…but we will see if M188 holds any surprises for us.

Any suggestions/recommendations/questions…please post in comment section or drop me an email me at:

Thanks for reading…

Shyan/AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

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