Introducing: G’Zox Quartz Coat 7

Just in…NEW G’Zox Quartz Coat!!!

After much anticipation, we finally managed to get on our hand some initial stock of G’Zox Quartz Coat 7, a fully tested (long-term test platform on JR, Japan Rail trains coaches) coating system that are especially suitable for the harsh and humid weather such as those found in Singapore.

The first 8 sets was hand delivered to me by no less than the President of G’Zox Japan when he stop by for a visit this week, and we shared his enthusiasm and excitement in making this excellent product available to Singapore market and also to make Singapore as one of the first market in the world to launch this product.

G'Zox Quartz Coat by AbsoluteGloss

Some benefit of G’Zox Quartz Coat 7:
excellent water sheeting capability (a benefit that will be especially useful for vehicles that are mostly parked out in the open)
superior oil and dirt repellency
very strong acid / alkaline / solvent resistance capability (per JIS test results shown below)
stringently tested to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) specification to withstand heat of >300°C
coating have a measurable thickness of 0.4um (micrometer or micron)
a coating hardness of 7H (that’s significantly harder than the already superb G’Zox Real Glass Coat!!!)
extremely abrasion & scratch resistant
18 months of shine and protection, GUARANTEED!!!

Originally developed for use in high-tech electronic industry as a semiconductor insulation film. The formulation has been redeveloped for usage in automobile & marine industry application, as well as for body protection on other painted metallic & plastic surface (mobile phones, laptop computers, anyone?).

Below are the various test results as conducted in accordance to JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard 日本工業規格) test criteria…and not some unsubstantiated claims favoured by many manufacturers!

click to enlarge

For further queries & informations, please drop us an email or call us at the contact below…more information to follow soon!

G’Zox by AbsoluteGloss
m: (65)8180-9833

10 responses to “Introducing: G’Zox Quartz Coat 7

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  2. Any idea where to get this product? Cost?

  3. absolutegloss

    Hey Ryan, unfortunately you might not be able to get hold of this product as it is not even launched into Japanese market as yet. I am currently running some comprehensive test to see how well it holds up in the real world, especially in our very harsh climate over here. If it is anything as good as the typical G’Zox in-house test claims to be, it will be a great addition to the already exceptional G’Zox lineup. Remember G’Zox claimed a 12mths durability for it’s Real Glass Coating but already I have all my initial test cars on it’s 18mths now and it is still going strong.

    That being said, watch this space over here in the coming months…for H7 is coming to town hint! hint! 😉

  4. Hi Shyan

    Great site! Glad that there is finally a real auto-detailer in SG who knows what he’s doing – have had bad experiences with 3 detailers and I gave up. So my car has not been detailed or deep cleaned since the day I took delivery.

    Seeing the number of supercars in your list – I was wondering if you do handle normal, everyday family cars?

    Keep up the great blogging!
    I’ll be coming back for more of your writeups!

    PS. your photography is great too!

    • absolutegloss

      Thanks EJ for your nice words…precise reason why our operations didn’t grew too large. I’ve always insist on a personalised service, keeping work quality at the highest level & offering only the best products to the market..unfortunately not many shares this!?! When it’s time to give your car some TLC, just give me a buzz

      Watch this space in the coming weeks…a new look, lots of reviews, photos & videos of cars we’ve worked on in the recent weeks and a nice little announcement car lovers will love, promise!

  5. Is it the same as real glass coat ‘gloss plus’ as per gzox website ? nothing in there mention quratz 7 , thanks

  6. absolutegloss

    No…both are using slightly different technology. The Glass Coat are G’Zox patented technology and cannot be copied by another company. Quartz are more common single layer coating system but compared to other Quartz Coat products in the market, this looks like it will sits on top of the hill…will report back in a few months time but been testing it for >3 months now and so far it’s every bit as good as what I expect it to be.

    And the reason you don’t see them is because they are not yet for release to the Japanese & overseas market. We managed to specially brought in our forth batch last week and now have limited sets of them for use on our clients’ cars. Anyone interest in the Quartz Coat should contact me before it runs out again!

    • Can any of g’zox coating (hi-mohs, quartz 7….etc ) be layered for more gloss or protection ? you know lah some people never satisfied !

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  8. Is there any news about Quartz 7? How long does it protect?

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