Lamborghini Levo Concept

We know that Lamborghini’s V12 flagship Murcielago is soon to be replace by Jota (?), but what design direction are they going to take to keep the bulls desireable, and perhaps a step ahead of Ferrari?

Here are some clue as to what the upcoming Jota might look like, in the shape of Lamborghini Levo Concept Design…

Heavily borrowing the design cue from the Reventon, this 700+bhp V12 is worth selling a bodyparts to own 🙂

The partial roof window will add significant kilos to the overall weight…

With Lamborghini trademark scissors door on all their V12, there will be significant carbon fiber and other exotic lightweight materials and possibly even a carbon fibre chassis structure and carbon MonoCell.

…or a Gallardo replacement, perhaps? The overall shape does seems a bit short for a V12 replacement and the absence of air inlet wings and the shape of rear pillar points towards a V10 design?

Anyhoo, with designs that will make a grown man weak and drool all over the floor, I for one can’t wait until the Concept Jota are officially announced…until then enjoy these pics! 🙂

One response to “Lamborghini Levo Concept

  1. You have done it once again. Incredible post.

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