Ferrari 458 Italia…

The new Ferrari 458 Italia being detailed (the very first one in Singapore ;))…

Ferrari 458 Italia detailed...

Like the design…?

The front headlamp is nice...

Me I’m not a fan of the 3 tailpipes…

3 tailpipes? ...acquired taste

Yet to warm up to the new shape, but the F458 is definitely sexier than the F430 it replaces.

edit (11-Apr-2010): New photos added…

Lots of sharp curves and vents (a nightmare for detailers…)

© absolutegloss

Love the rims and the large carbon ceramic brakes…

© absolutegloss

The Prancing Horse…

© absolutegloss

Starting to like the shape a lot more now…

© absolutegloss


2 responses to “Ferrari 458 Italia…

    Are my eyes playing tricks on me or is the middle exhaust tip smaller than the other two?
    How do you find the paint? Soft, hard?

  2. absolutegloss

    Yes the middle pipe is slightly smaller in diameter.

    As far as paintwork is concern, I find this one to be typical Ferrari paintwork…Rosso (red) being slightly harder than Giallo (yellow).

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