Alfa Romeo 147 – Full detail + G|techniq

This car came to me with all the typical paintwork defects resulting from not having it properly detailed for well over 2 years since the owner first took delivery. The overall paintwork looks tired and the gloss has been sucked out by layers of traffic film, scuffed marks and swirls.

My mission therefore is to restore the car’s paintwork back to it’s original showroom condition, have all the details cleaned up and apply a durable protection over it. Well timed as the FedEx man just showed up with my new toy that morning. Thanks to Rob of Gtechniq UK who has been extremely supportive and helpful that I managed to get my ‘fix’ rushed over to me in just 2 days all the way from an ice-aged UK!

Washed, decontaminated and all emblems removed as I prepare for a full paint correction process. The paint surface polishing & prep work alone took me and my team almost 30 man-hours to complete and it’s easy to see the time are well spent!

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

The application of C1 Crystal Lacquer can be a bit tricky, and it took me a couple of tries before I managed to nailed it just right (thanks again to Rob who kindly took all my calls early in the morning to offer assistance). And the results once it’s fully cured is simply stunning…

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

I like it best when the owner told me his car looked like it has been graphically mopped in a computer with an incredibly deep lustre & all panels displaying a mirror-like sheen that it literally transform the car to a showroom-worthy condition!

A look at the perfectly polished & corrected bonnet…

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

and the roof panel…

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

Small details were not spared…

Residuals, dirt and scratches are visible on every plastic panels

Accumulated dirt, residuals and scratches on all plastic parts

…this is how it looks like with the wiper spray nozzle removed

wiper spray nozzle removed

cleaned & polished…PERFECT!!!

residuals removed

Other eyesore were corrected as well…

All trims are patiently cleaned then coated with Gtechniq C4 Trim Restorer

Engine bay heat cover removed for cleaning…

Heat shield removed to clean the inside of bonnet

A couple of pics to show the finished work…

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

G|techniq by AbsoluteGloss

Products used during this process:

C1 Crystal Lacquer (all paintwork panels)
C4 Trim Restorer (all trims and rubber seals)
C5 Wheel Armour (rims)
G4 Nano Glass Polish (prepare glass for application of G1)
G1 Clear Vision Smart Glass (all glass panels)
P1 Nanocomposite Polish (paintwork correction & fine polish)
C2 Liquid Crystal (pre-delivery final detail)
Elbow grease & bucket loads of sweat (to deliver a smile to the owner’s face 😉 )

If you’re interested to have your car treated with G|techniq products, please contact:

AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

Consultation strictly via appointments only:
m: (65)8180-9833

3 responses to “Alfa Romeo 147 – Full detail + G|techniq

  1. As a first time customer, I’m very impressed with your handiwork. Your painstaking attention to detail really shows in the final product.

    Looking forward to seeing the water/dirt-repellent nature of Gtechniq’s coatings on my car – after all, if it’s good enough for the SWRT…

  2. One week review: after a couple of minor showers and driving near dusty construction sites, a fairly simple wash with water and car shampoo (nothing fancy – just Meguiar’s NXT) and my 147’s looking like new. Well, not as glossy as the day I took it back from AG, but certainly heaps and bounds better than it did before the Gtechniq treatment. All this with just a simple wash and no clay/polish/wax; if it keeps up like this over the next few months, I’m a believer!

    • absolutegloss

      Hey Bryan, thanks for the feedback. I have heard very positive comments from users and detailers who uses Gtechniq that this coating will last >1 year, easy! Well…there’s only one way to find out. Keep me posted 😉

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