Audi R8 enhancement detail

This Audi R8 goes on a full detailing regime on every half-yearly basis, so when the owner wants me to perform an interim enhancement to the paintwork, with a task to bring a touch more colour depth and as much gloss to the paintwork as possible.

The weapon of choice this time will be Swissvax especially since the owner have just bought a tub of Smaragd (Best of Show) wax from me and loving it.

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

After a thorough wash & decontamination, I ran Swissvax Cleaner Fluid Professional on a rotary at medium speed to correct any minor paintwork imperfection and to bring out as much colour defination to the paintwork as possible…

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

…this was then followed up with Swissvax Cleaner Fluid by hand to prime the surface for a Swissvax Smaragd lovin’

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

The results is nothing short of amazing…total work time = approx 4 man-hours. Goes to show how easy it is to perfect a well maintained paintwork. I love the deep lustre these Swissvax waxes are able to bring to the table.

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

It’s always wise to do several light maintenance work throughout the year rather than once a year major detailing work.

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

One final look…

Paintwork Perfection@AbsoluteGloss

AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer

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