Beautiful G’Zox…Real Glass Coat

Was shifting through my picture library and found some interesting pictures that caught my attention so I thought I’ll post it up here…

The increadible water beading characteristics you’re seeing here is from G’Zox Glass Coating, a new generation of surface coating technology that, in my opinion blows anything I’ve come across before out of the water…and at the time when these pictures were taken, the surface has been coated with G’Zox for over 10 months, such is a testimony of it’s durability!

G'Zox by AbsoluteGloss

Pictures taken right after a heavy tropical rain shower…it shows an incredible tight water beading characteristics as the glass coated surface formed a strong and extremely tight surface tension that will repel moisture, pollutants, dust, oil etc very effectively.

G'Zox by AbsoluteGloss

G’Zox Glass Coating is also the only product that have it’s water repellency function built-in to the main coating itself (compared to competitors’ who’s water repellency layer are added on after coating), this ensures a much superior bonding which allows for an incredible water, dust & pollutant repellency and extended coating durability. Therein lies the advantages of G’Zox Real Glass Coat…surface become incredibly water repellent, very easy to maintain, extremely dirt, oil & pollutant repellent and supremely durable…oh, it’ll also leave the surface with an incredible shine and lustre that can’t help but put a smile on your face! 🙂

G'Zox Real Glass Coat plus Gloss Type

We all know that the market is littered with too many so-called “surface protection system” and very few, if any at all will work at a level anywhere close to what G’Zox is capable of producing.

G'Zox @ JapanGT

Backed by 56 years (est.1954) of specialised industrial experience in automotive car care, and armed with a vast in-house R&D resources (with over 40 dedicated R&D technicians alone) at G’Zox, these combined to ensure that all G’Zox products would have undergone an exhausive lab and extensive real world test to produce an industry-leading product, bar none!!! Little wonder that G’Zox is by far the market leader (>60% domestic market share) in vehicle surface coating system in Japan. Now available in Singapore for the first time through AbsoluteGloss Showcar Detailer, our factory trained technicians will ensures that your vehicles receives the best care and attention it deserved!

G'Zox @ Formula 3

Don’t settle for anything less…an inferior product will cost you money, frustration and compromise your paintwork over time…insist only on Beautiful G’Zox, the Real Glass Coat!

G'Zox by AbsoluteGloss

It’s always wise to purchase from reputable manufacturers who’s products are constantly being fine tuned. Don’t fall for those who paddle cheap alternatives where source and manufacturers are unknown. “Technology from Germany” or “Manufactured in USA” or “Nano Technology” says nothing and is at best a vague attempt to confuse users and is no guarantee of quality. High-tech and quality do cost money and cheap products often do not equate good value!

G'Zox by AbsoluteGloss

How often have we heard that the same products your car detailer endorsed are being used by NASA, US Military or endorsed by certain airlines etc but never any attempt to show proof or certification for it…it’s an old tired trick designed to confuse customers. Look for detailer with a proven track record in taking care of your needs and buy products from reputable manufacturer, not a re-labeled products of unknown origin. Usually a search in the web should provide some hints about the manufacturer’s reputation among consumers.

G'Zox @ JapanGT

G’Zox treatment are also available for your vehicles windscreen & windows, alloy and polished rims, plastic trims, headlights and convertible top.
For further enquiries, please call

G’Zox by AbsoluteGloss

Consultation by appointments only:
m: (65) 8180-9833

4 responses to “Beautiful G’Zox…Real Glass Coat

  1. What a wonderful coating… Excellent review.
    Could you email my the price and instruction?
    Thank you.

  2. Look like’s very powerfull coating. Hemmm…
    Can you give me the information about price, and how to use it by email?
    Thanks alot

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