Matt paintwork? No problem…

With the popularity of matt paintwork that’s factory painted on some of the exotics, first seen (I think) in the limited edition Lamborghini Gallardo Nera then continued on the ultra expensive Reventon, I’ve often been asked by clients on how to take care of the matt paintwork they just sprayed/wrapped on their vehicles. Let’s face it, conventional wax, sealant & polishes are designed for the normal single-stage & clearcoated paints but as they contain silicones & oils which will impart a glossy finish to the surface they are applied on, hence they are not suited to treat these matt finishes. It’s obvious these matt paintwork will need some protection as they can just be easily soiled or damaged by the environment and can turn whitish if left uncared for a period of time, and in some cases, irreversible!

Fortunately we are now able to wash, clean, polish & wax these matt finishing safetly and without altering the final look of the paintwork. The same process can be use for all vinyl car wrapping and dry carbon fiber panels.

An example taken from the super-expensive matt dry carbon fiber panels on a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV…

Dirt, finger prints & oil stains etc which can easily damage the surface if not properly cleaned

Cleaned & waxed..finish with a nice matt sheen without oily residues!

A quick look at the work in progress…

...a 50:50 showing the difference before & after treatment

So should you have trouble getting your matt paintwork, vinyl car wrap or matt carbon fiber cleaned & protected, you solution is only a phone call away

Happy New Year to all…

m: (65)8180-9833

2 responses to “Matt paintwork? No problem…

  1. AbsoluteGloss is the one who knows and can solved the problem to all.

    Great Job ! ! !

  2. What did you guys use where can I buy this polish?

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