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Over the next couple of weeks, I will be posting up some of my recent detailing work to showcase what can be achieved with proper techniques, incorporating a tried and proven process, using only the best products plus loads of patience to obtain an perfect deep gloss finish on a variety of different car paints.

OK will kick it off with a classic case of neglected paintwork & somebody’s screwed up detailing work…here’s an absolutely sorry looking 2007 Porsche Cayenne! The owner is a good client of mine who also owns an Aston Martin that I maintained regularly. He bought this car used as a family transport but to think that he had almost walked away from the deal after seeing this horrendous paintwork. So when he took me to view the car and after being assured by me that I will return the car in a “better-than-showroom” condition, he finally bought it!

This is how the paintwork looks like after a thorough wash & paintwork decontamination…the paintwork had all kind of defect you care to name, it’s all there..deep swirls, various paint and industrial over-spray, gums from fruit trees, deep acid rain etching, sanding marks etc etc

Porsche Cayenne (01)

horror..deep swirls, overspray, tree sap!!

…must be someone’s attempt to wet sand the car the joker then decided to cop out???

Porsche Cayenne (02)

...unfinished wet sanding work

A 50:50 panel after 3 passes of compounding & polishing work…

Porsche Cayenne (before-after_01f)

this will do...

All taped up and ready to go…

Porsche Cayenne (04)

35 hours of polishing work over 3 days, this is what it looks like prior to any wax or sealant…

Porsche Cayenne (05)

..the finishing look taking shape

The finished work…

Porsche Cayenne (06)

Porsche Cayenne (07)

Porsche Cayenne (08)

Porsche Cayenne (09)

Hoped you enjoy this short write-up…your constructive comments are always welcome !


m: (65)8180-9833

7 responses to “AbsoluteGloss Showcar Details…

  1. Hi! Absolutely wonderful work! On black too! I have a F430 that is currently being maintained by First Auto (Zaino). The guys there are not bad but there are a few swirl spots that they admit that they cannot deal with and they do not give me that very deep glossy finish that I see you getting out of the cars that you have worked on. Could you please let me know if you offer a single paint restoration session service? If so, how much would it cost and how long would it take? Finally, where are you located? Many thanks and, again, great work!

  2. absolutegloss

    Hi, yes I do offer both single and maintenance contract work. My charges ranges between $280 to $750 per work depending on work that’s needed to be done as it is unfair to quote you any higher than necessary and vice-versa. As a matter of fact, I’m located just a few shop from First Auto at #01-13 Toh Guan Centre, so if it’s convenient for you it would be good if you could swing by for a quick evaluation and for me to better understand your expectatins. I currently have in my garage a red 599 GT-B, orange Gallardo Spyder, black Alfa 159, and a white GT3 so you could sample my work on different colours in close detail!

    Have you have a chance to check out my photo gallery on other cars that I’ve worked on? (www.flickr.com/absolutegloss)

    BTW. I am the appointed detailer to Lamborghini, Lotus and Pagani dealership for the past 2 years and we do many of the project cars for Hong Seh Motors as well (eg, Spyker, Enzo) so I do believe my work quality and technical ability is up to par?

    You can buzz me at 8180-9833 should you need any further clarification. Looked forward to seeing you. Thank you


  3. Hi Shyan, thanks for your quick reply. I will swing by your place the next time I send my car to First Auto. BTW, what are your opening hours like and are you open on Sundays? I’ll be sure to call ahead to make sure that you are in.



  4. absolutegloss

    Hi CM, yes I’m open on Sunday too but occasionally I do work off-site on weekends so it’s best if you could call ahead to check. My opening hours are from 9:30am till 8pm on most days

    FYI. I’ll be away for a short break next week (from 9th – 13th) so please avoid those days if you want to swing by. Thanks


    • Thanks, Shyan. I will give you a call when you return and pay you a visit – probably next weekend.



  5. You have great blog and this post is good!

    best regards, Greg

  6. ~ edit ~

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