To achieve a cracking finish, it is essential to get the paintwork preparation right. It takes patience, technique and an eye for detail to get the picture perfect finishing!

Some illustrations of a perfectly polished AbsoluteGloss-ed vehicles…

Lexus GS300

Bentley Continental GT (11f)

Audi R8

Ferrari F430 (14f)

Range Rover Freelander

Infinity G35

Jaguar XJ-8

Ferrari 360 CS

For enquiries pls call: (65)8180-9833

2 responses to “AbsoluteGloss-ed!!!

  1. The reflections on the Bentley and the Inifiniti are UNREAL!!
    Were they sanded down?

  2. absolutegloss

    The Infinity was a ceramic clear and portion of the bonnet needed spot sanding becoz the previous guy did a screw up job on the detailing plus the car was just shipped directly from Montana during a harsh winter…

    No sanding on the Bentley tho…I’ve done several of them and they (as are many of the Lexus) needed a different skill set to get them perfect coz the clearcoat are so soft!

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