I’m back…with a few rather nice exotics that we’ve detailed!

Firstly an apology to the regular visitors to this blog and your many e-mails asking about me…yup it has been awhile since this blog receive it’s regular updates, no thanks to my busy schedules and me generally being too lazy to sort out some of the photographs that I have taken, so here’s hoping I could make up for some lost time here…

OK let’s start with one of several Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 SV that I have the priviledge to detail recently. This is for one of my client who have swapped his black Murcielago LP640 for this beauty!

The first thing you’ll notice is how aggressive the car looked with some rather nice add-ons and rather expensive factory bodykits

Carbon Fiber galore…nice to see, a nightmare to maintain and almost impossible to clean without running the risk of damaging the matt finish of the panels…yup any careless rub with a cloth or your fingers and this thing turns shiny, which will then screw up the panel already!

Dry carbon engine cover..beware the 3 pcs of Perspex cover cost US$15000 to replace LOL!

The interior of the car is pretty luxurious but with a hardcore racer/sporty feels to it.  You know a car mean business when you see full carbonfiber bucket seats lined with alcantara, plentiful of carbon fiber trimmings all around the cabin, alcantara dashboard & roofliner and of course…a suede steering wheel and a nice set of carbonfiber padel shifters!

carbon padel shifters...nice touch!

Performance figures are definitely in the hypercar territory and this V12 scream to be revved hard, very hard! I’ve not had the chance to test drive it yet so no comment on the difference between this and the ‘standard’ Murcielago LP640 as yet…but when I do I will update this space!  😉

A few more pics…

Thank you for reading…I certainly do enjoy detailing this bull!


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