Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

I have detailed a fair amount of Lamborghinis in the past and the Gallardo (in all shape and guise) remains one of my favourite car in Lamborghini’s line-up.

The Gallardo (Spanish for “gallant”) was first introduced in 2003 as the first post Audi-era’s Lambo from the ground up,. It is to go head-to-head with Ferrari 360 Modena, and being a smaller and slightly cheaper model to compliment the Murcielago, it was well received and quickly became Lamborghini’s record seller (production quickly reached 3000 units in 2005 and the 5000th production unit rolls off in 2007) and a testament of the well-received design of Luc Donckerwolke. Though it took many parts from shared Audi’s parts bin, the overall design and setup is unmistakeably Lambo!

Fast forward 3 years later, a new variation to the coupe in the form of Gallardo Spyder with soft retractable roof was introduced…though Lamborghini would classify this as an entirely new model! Powered by the same 5L V10 powerplant of the coupe, and churning out 520bhp and 510Nm of torque. The overall suspension setup is on a harsher side but the acceleration is very very addictive, and that’s despite the fact that I have never once managed to hit 5th gear on Singapore’s road without worry about losing my licence…sigh! Anyone with a Gallardo to loan for a foray up north to Malaysia please give me a buzz 🙂


Currently, the Gallardo Spyder is the only member of the ‘original’ Gallardo still available for sale as the Gallardo Coupe (replaced) and the lightweight Supperleggera, SE and Nera (all discontinued) can only be bought on the 2nd hand market today. Nevertheless, as the delivery of the new LP560-4 is still trickling in slowly, this one will always be the highlight of my day whenever one rolls into my garage for a detail.


The black Gallardo does look menacing in line with the bad boy image projected by any Lamborghini, past and present!


Serious speed if you dare to floor it all the way…


Some of the Spyders we detailed recently…I have a pearl green (Verde Ithace) Spyder booked for a detail session in a couple of weeks time but this one in pearl white (simple but my favourite colour for any version of Gallardo) is so sweet especially after a good, thorough detail!


from another angle…


Work in progress on a couple of orange speesters (1st gen Lotus Elise in the background)…


Taking a breather…


another one in yellow (Giallo Midas) all taped up ready for a detail…

finished work after some much needed TLC, paintwork corrections and a couple layers of wax… 


A final view from the top…

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  1. Gallardo always trying to produce some good models of cars which has luxury appearance.

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