Detailing a Godzilla

We have detailed quite a few Nissan’s infamously delicious Skyline GT-R from different generations previously but they are mostly owned by people who looked for outright speed and track performance instead of civility and comfort. However this new generation of (R35) GT-R got a much wider appeals. Having driven a few of this car, I can totally understand all the praise accorded to this new version of Nissan’s ‘Godzilla’ by the press wold and owners alike. For start, it’s much easier to be driven fast (edit: real fast!) and definately got a more comfortable and driver-friendly cabin than many of the other supercars that I’ve came across!

 The design really hide the bulk of the car, which is rather large!


Twin round tail lights…a permanent design cue for all Skyline GT-Rs


This is to constantly reminds you that you are handling a beast…


…depress this and you’ll release an angry roar from the exhaust and call out all the ponies from the power plant in front of you


…and this is to dial in all the fun (from L to R: transmission, suspension settings & traction control etc)

The Aston-esque door handle adds a nice touch…


Compared to the previous generation GT-R (full name: Nissan Skyline GT-R R-34) which I think is more musculine and a better looker in many ways…well that’s just me but I would have no problem living with the new GT-R on a daily basis if I could afford one!

One response to “Detailing a Godzilla

  1. thats nice car i love that car . how did you take that cars? wooow how can i take this car? i havent got money . may be five years later i will buy this car i am studying . have good work

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