Snippets: some pictorials

It’s been a frustrating week as far as the weather is concern. Luckily we have some pre-booked indoor works to keep us busy. So it was with some relief that as the weekend approaches, the sun made it’s long overdue appearance 🙂

I’ll leave all my commentaries to the Bentley Continental GT’s review that I will put up shortly tomorrow but for now some quick pics of some of the cars that came in for various detailing works yesterday…

Porsche 997 Carrera 4S (the Cayenne Turbo in the background is a 3 days WIP..)



Ferrari 360 Challenge Stradale




TechArt Cayman GTsport (more pics and review later…)



Porsche 996 Carrera



It was quite a day for us having to complete most of these cars all within a single day and with the threat of rain shower looming all the time…phew! Hoped you enjoy the pics as much as we detailing the cars… 🙂

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