Just detailed: Alpine white Lamborghini Murciélago

We were asked to detail this white ’05 Lamborgihini Murcielago that has just return from an extended excursion up north in Malaysia. Needless to say the car came with all kinds of traffic films, tars, bugs committing hara-kiri on the bonnets besides the usual swirls, scratches and light hologrammings. The paintwork looked a bit tired and yellowish so a complete restoration for both the paintwork and interior was needed!



The large panels of this 6.2L V12 beast makes it very tricky to get the paintwork prep just right as every imperfection are easily highlighted…

Fully detailed and the white are brought back to life…


A supercar such as Murcielago in white looks a bit plain (for my own taste)…compare this with a souped up pearl yellow Murcielago that we detailed a while ago and decide for yourself. Good thing I can’t afford either of them so it’s a problem I don’t have to face for now…*haha* hic!


Detailing work done…

Exterior:  complete wash (twice…just to remove come of the stubborn dirt) tar removal paintwork claying paintwork cleansing paintwork polishing & correction synthetic sealant (2 layers)  wax (2 layers)

Interior: full vacuum full interior steam cleaning (incl. roof liner, all carpets and leather works) manual leather cleaning application of leather conditioner & leather milk wax (for various carbon-fibre parts)

Total time taken: 2 days (approx 36 man-hours!)

3 responses to “Just detailed: Alpine white Lamborghini Murciélago

  1. Hey Shyan,

    Nice pics man! I’ll be visiting you shortly! 🙂 Am at reservist trg this week so next week I’ll call you…

  2. absolutegloss

    Hi Gerald,

    Thanks for dropping by. Got your Challange Stradale yet? *drool*

    Take care and I’ll be seeing you soon buddy…

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