Snippets: an eventful day…

We had quite a day yesterday with a numbers of supercars dropping by for various detailing work

so we started our day with a mini detail for a fully kitted-out WRX STi and a gorgeous blue ’04 Gallardo…


…then a quick wash & wax for a Audi Q7 and a complete interior & exterior detail for a pearl white Gallardo Spyder

…a maintenance detail for the curvy phantom black Audi TT


…then found time to complete another mini detail for a pearl white GranTurismo before the weather turns bad and we had to call it a day!


Somedays all the stars might just aligned perfectly and we could be able to top this list of georgeous cars all within one single day 🙂

*EDIT* We also did a Porsche Cayman who came in for a quick wash & wax…was so busy I didn’t have time to snap some pics nor recall we actually did that car…aaaargggh…thanks Paul for reminding! 😉

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