Freshly Gloss’ed…Audi R8

I am still a bit confused with the raison d’etre of the R8…on the one hand it’s one heck of a beautiful machine, all supercar’s poise and look while on the other hand, it’s not quite in the supercar league as far as it’s performance is concern.

Don’t get me wrong, 417bhp is still a lot of power especially for the RS4 which the R8 share it’s power plant with. And for a V8, it will happily rev to 8000rpm without so much of a fuss and like I said, plentiful of power for a 4-door saloon or estate but not enough for Audi’s top-of-the-range supercar like this R8. Anyone spending this kind of money will like to be in a car that will not be so easily beaten by one of the many Japanese hot saloon prowling our road today! Sure Audi is addressing this problem as we speak with the planned V10 variant or even the super V12 Diesel supercar! We’ll see…

Anyhoo, this beautiful black R8 came in for a much needed first detail with some watermark and minor paint defects already present. Having detailed several black TTs, A3s and A4s before, I know what a perfectly finished black Audi paintwork can look like so on with 3 light passes of medium & light polish to correct the defects and 2 layers of sealant and wax later, I’ve managed to achieve this…a finish that is miles better than when the owner first collected his car from the dealership with a much better colour defination and optical clarity to the paintwork.


A peak into the mid-mounted engine bay…unlike the RS4, there are no carbon fibre anywhere to be seen…hmmm?

I love the carbon fiber side panel but this owner made the correct decision to choose the silver/grey fiberglass panel instead of the carbon fiber one as the black carbon fiber will render the entire car in complete black hence losing out on the contrast that will serve to highlight the curves of this car. This is what it look like compared to the white R8 with carbon fibre side panel that I’ve detailed earlier…


I’ll say both looked equally stunning and guaranteed to attract admirations & attentions all day long.

One final shot…


Hope you enjoy the pics. Please do visit my flickr page for additional photos. Thanks for looking…

One response to “Freshly Gloss’ed…Audi R8

  1. Sweet! I’ll take one please! *hehe* Euromobil, Audi’s distributor here in Malaysia hasn’t brought any in yet but it can be had for a whopping MYR1.3 mil @ Naza World. Mad price I know. Puts it in the same price point as a Gallardo :-p

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