Just detailed: a Lotus Exige S 240

Gotta hand it to those guys at Lotus…how they managed to squeeze this much power from a Toyota derived 1.8 litre engine to produce a rocket capable of doing 4.1sec for 0-100km/h dash and yet handles like a dream on race track! No doubt they’ve supercharged the engine but as anyone who raced one on the race track will tell you, in proper hand these little gems will make mince meat of some of the more expensive and superlative stallions and bulls from Italy! To make a proper performance car, It’s often more than just squeezing extra horse power from the engine…it’s how Lotus engineers managed to make all the various parts of the car work in harmony that makes them so special!

Anyway, have the opportunity to detailed this little gem yesterday. The first thing that strikes me is the special colour scheme that compliment this car superbly…

…as the name suggest, this 2008 model have increased power to 240bhp and the upgraded AP Racing brakes taken from the Exige Cup 240. That will allow these weight-weenies to out-brake many heavier cars on the track and shave a few seconds off your lap time!!!

oh…those stripes are actually painted on and not one of those cheapo sticker job!!!

Will have more photos when I managed to find time to sort through all the photos stored in my HDD. Do check out my flickr page for more a bit later…

Anyway got a Lotus Elise SC in British Racing Green with matching Lotus coloured strips to detail tomorrow so stay tuned! *hehe*

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