Paintwork correction on a Porsche 997 GT3RS

First off, just wanna say that this is one hack of a car! With a near perfect seating position, an engine that rev to high heaven, beautiful alcantara seats, steering wheel & gear knob, absolutely nimble and extremely agile…it’s just so intuitive to go fast with this car. Heck, it even looks fast when it is stationary!!! I have been on a few supercars lately and I have no hesitation to rate this somewhere high up in my top 3 of my favorite rides. Alas I can’t affort it so an opportunity to detail it is the next best thing…huh?

So I was asked to do a makeover of this car by a valued client of mine…he somehow got the car (brand new) full of swirls and the two further detailing sessions later (not by us, of course…hehe!) the paintwork just seems to get progressively worst. A suite of light scratches, swirl marks, hologram and buffer trails are evident all over the car (not to mention the ugly wax residues)…somehow all that combined to dull the brilliant jet black finishing of the car. So we quickly decided & agreed opon a 3 days detailing session and it makes it my job much easier since the owner was fully on-board when I explain my process to tackle the corrective work.

No before & after photos this time as I need to quickly prepare a test panel plus the weather outside was pretty bad. Besies I have to do this alone as my assistants were tackling a chilli red Lotus Elise SC beside me.

But I thought the car looked stunning and finished shots looks pretty cool as well, don’t you think?…I hoped you enjoy the pics as much as we do detailing this thoroughbred!

One final shot…

Work done: Full Paintwork Correction Detail

Time taken: approx 19+ hours (over 3 days)

Some car stats:

Engine: 3.6L Flat-Six (8400rpm redline)

Power: 409bhp @ 7600rpm / 404Nm @ 5500rpm

Top speed: 325km/h

0-100km/h: 4.2sec

Nurburgring timing: 7m 42s

Dry weight: 1,250kg (that’s nearly 330bhp/tonne!!!)


2 responses to “Paintwork correction on a Porsche 997 GT3RS

  1. Great work!
    Love the door reflection shot.

  2. absolutegloss

    Hi Sherwin…thanks for dropping by! Gotta say the jet black paint of this Porsche looks superb from every angle…why anyone would bother with the metallic black???

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