A walking swirl city…

Triumph Mach2 Spitfire (1966 vintage, original British Racing green paintwork)

This is one project that got put off several time because of schedule crashes so I was please when this 42 year-old Triumph finally rolls into our garage. You see, there are not too many such vintage cars on Singapore roads nowadays, much less one that’s being used for daily commute by the owner (who’s a VP of Sales for a reputable investment firm)

Did a quick ‘walk-around’ check and found to my horror…SWIRLS AND HOLOGRAMS GALORE!!!



Bear in mind that this is a 40+ year-old original paintwork, and must have being neglected for most of it’s life…caution is the key and I started by measuring the thickness of the paint on all panels then proceed to check for any cracks that may appear in the paintwork itself (which is quite common for vintage paintwork!)

As usual, did a test panel and the 50:50 shots reveals a great deal of gloss that’s hidden from this grand old dame after careful paintwork correction work…

A further check under halogen spot light…

About 10 hours later, with one single pass of careful light compounding and further 2 passes of light polishes, the makeover is almost complete…


One final shot…

I certainly had great fun restoring vintage paintwork, and especially getting to appreciate at close quarter some of these traditional vehicle designs compared to the modern ones. I hoped you enjoy the photos…

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