Paintwork correction on a Porsche 996 Carrera…

Been putting in long hours for 2 weeks on a trot, so a sincere apology for not updating my blog as often as I wanted to…

Well…today was supposed to be the day to get my hands on that incredibly swirly black/orange 997 GT3RS but got an urgent 11th-hour call from a friend who have just bought a 996 Carrera2 that he have craved for the longest time, but with it’s run-down paintwork condition, it will be a hard sell for him to convince his other half to accept his latest indulgence…so I was asked to do a complete makeover on his car with little more than 5 hours being given!!!

I don’t blame him as this is the condition it came in…



The same unattended paintwork from the previous owner is seen all over the car.

Decided to do a test panel…about an hour later it looks like I’m on the right track


Managed to finish all the paintwork correction works after about 4+ hours, did a complete wash down as the humid weather really plays havoc with all my polishes…here it is just before sealant & wax


The finished work…just managed to take a couple of shots before the sun call it a day (pun intended…hehe!)



Quite satisfied with the work within the 6 hours window on this car (as we normally take upwards of 12 hours to correct this type of paint defects). Hoped you enjoy the pics… 



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