Detailing a special bull…

Well, was scheduled to begin a 2-day work on a client’s black Gallardo yesterday but well as soon as we finished washing the car, a heavy downpour came our way so it have to be rescheduled for sometime next week as we’re pretty booked up for various detailing projects over the next several days and also preparing our upcoming move to a new garage soon…phew!

So on the same subject of Lamborghini, we just did a 3-days detail for one special speciment of their superlight version of Gallardo…the Superleggera! With 530bhp at your fancy and 510Nm on tap, this mid-engined V10 is superfast indeed. Sadly it’s no longer in production as Lamborghini has decided to gear up production for an even more ballistic version of Gallardo…the LP560-4 will have even more power & torque (560Hp/540Nm) for it’s lucky owners but for me, the Superleggera will always be special as the car is a (kinda) stripped-down Gallardo with less weight, more power & torque and Alcantara and carbon-fiber all over…plus the straight through exhaust…oh the music it produces when you rev it up above 4000rpm is every petrolhead’s wet dream!


Kid you not, for a stock exhaust I have not experienced a nicer roar than what came out from the rear end of this bull *hehe* (although Aston Martin DB9/V8 Vantage came very close to this sensation). Well…when I get the chance to detail an Enzo or a Zonda, I’ll certainly update this article!



Enjoy your weekend ahead…looks like it’s gonna be a wet one…sob!!!

2 responses to “Detailing a special bull…

  1. Sweetness! I was @ Sepang yesterday and thoroughly enjoying the Gallardo’s rumble. It’s lovely, just like your details 😉

  2. Superleggera!!!! *squee*

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