A week with Porsches…

Have the good fortune to detailed a few Porsches over the past 2 weeks and been booked for 7 more of Stuggart’s finest over the next several days hehe 🙂 …this 18 months old black 997 Carrera2 was detailed a couple of weeks back while trying out one of my new boutique waxes and I think we got the results spot on!

A combination of medium & light finishing polish followed by 2 layers of wax over 2 days got us there…here are some shots that was quickly taken just before the sun went down


sorry was running a tight shift and need to rush out several cars that day, thus no before-after shots. The paintwork wasn’t too bad but the paintwork was rather lifeless and minor hologramming on several panels


Will try out my other waxes over different cars/colours/paintwork then hopefully I’ll be able to post up some sorts of worthless review soon…

One final shot



One response to “A week with Porsches…

  1. Hey Shyan, do check out my WordPress blog. See ya round!

    Cheers. (:

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