Detailing a BMW Z4

Have to say I didn’t exactly fell in love with this car when it first came out (and I’m not the minority I would guess?), but having now detailed at least 4 of these cars, I have learn to appreciate the design & shape of the Z4, just like all the other Chris Bangle designed BMW. Here’s why…


The subtle (if I can call any CB design as such) details made all the difference…it’s a lot nicer than the Z3 it replaces!


And a view from the rear…

Mated with the creamy 3 litre BMW straight-6, this is one car I would love to own one day (when my wife allows me to have a 2 door cabrio that is…)

Note to Self: Stop dreaming!!! 

Work done: Full detail

Total time taken: 22 man hours


2 responses to “Detailing a BMW Z4

  1. It’s a lovely car and it’s evil sibling the Z4M is pure adrenaline! Nice shots and can we see some before/after photos as well? 😀

  2. Looks great!

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