Hi, to all friends who finally see me putting up this blog, thanks for your patience & encouragement. Hopefully, my schedule will allow me to update my blog on a weekly basis.

To anyone who happened to stumble upon this site, my name is Shyan and I operates an automotive detailing business in Singapore. Please stay a while and hopefully I’ll get to see you back here on a regular basis.

The purpose of this blog is for me to share with you my passion for anything automotive, and especially in car detailing. I’m also a keen photographer, learning as I go along and hopefully I’ll get to pick up some skills & tips along the way…so all your constructive comments are welcome.

So…with all the formalities out of the way…on with the posting and ramblings of what I like best   🙂




3 responses to “Introduction…

  1. Welcome to the world of blogging mate! Am looking forward to a host of gorgeous photos from your detailing center in Singapore!


  2. absolutegloss

    Thanks for checking out my blog mate…definately got the inspiration from you haha!

  3. Cool blog, but you have been absent for a while…will check up on you periodically, I like some of your cars, especially the shiney yellow vintage vw bug, image I found when surfing for a pic for my blog of a entry I was posting! will post it on my blog….thanks


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